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Home made frozen food

In addition to our fresh meats, our shop stocks a range of other products to meet your every need. From a wide range of homemade ready-meals and desserts prepared by Grandma Phillips, to  burgers, pasties, jams, seasonings, and cheeses, we’ve got you covered. We use only the finest ingredients and top quality meats, so why not come and stock up that freezer?

S & P Phillips Butchers
Ready MealsPrice
Meat Pie£4.85
Individual Meat Pie£2.40
Cheese & Onion Pie£5.50
Luxury Steak Pie£4.65
Family size Steak Pie£11.50
Luxury Chicken & Mushroom Pie£4.55
Family size Chicken & Mushroom Pie£11.00
Shepherd's Pie£4.55
Hot Pot£4.55
Family Hot Pot£14.00
Ready MealsPrice
LasagneIndividual - £4.55
Family Lasagne£19.50
Chicken Curry (2 portions)£9.80
Beef in Red Wine CasseroleN/A
Chilli con Carne£4.55
Lamb Tagine (2 portions)£10.50
Pork & MushroomsN/A
Homemade Chicken Kievs£12.28/kg
Lamb Shanks£13.85
Duck Fillets£20.50
Pies & PastiesPrice
Beef Whist Pies£1.45
Meat & Potato Pasties£2.35
Sausage Rolls£1.78
Apple Crumble£3.10
Bramley Apple Pie£4.50
Minted Lamb£1.25
Italian-style Meatballs95p
Selection of Tiptree Jamsvarious
Selection of Cheesesvarious
Cooking Sauces & Seasoningsvarious

All prices subject to change

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