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S & P Phillips Butchers

Our outdoor reared pork arrives as full sides, allowing us to prepare our meat using traditional butchery methods for our customers. Our delicious sausages are made only using natural casings and premium seasonings for a more authentic flavour.  In addition to our tasty standard pork sausages, we also sell cumberland, chipolata, spicy Welsh dragon, and leek and ginger varieties.

S & P Phillips Butchers
PORKPrice / KG
Pork Steak£14.55
Leg Joint£13.35
Spare Ribs£10.50
Pork Fillet£14.55
Ham Joint£14.62
PoultryPrice / KG
Rindless Bacon£14.62
Smoked Bacon£15.52
Streaky Bacon£12.00

All prices subject to change

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